Crime Scene Münster - Propheteus

What starts out as a "normal" murder investigation is becoming more and more serious: Magnus Rosponi, a shopaholic, is found beaten to death in his flat.

But neither his cheerful bowling friends nor Silke Haller, who recognises a childhood crush in the dead man, can explain why the popular man had to die. But Professor Boerne finds a strange, small object in the corpse. Thiel discovers parallel amorous entanglements. And when the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution turns up in the dubious figures of Muster and Mann, things get absurd.

Apparently Thiel and Boerne have stirred up a hornet's nest and even attracted the attention of an assassin. But how is it all connected? And what is it about the little dog that loves to eat bananas?

Halfar's dynamic production, who most recently made a documentary about the rock band Silly ("Frei von Angst, 2017), is also matched by the varied music, especially since the composer duo Christian Biegai and Kerim König not only pick up the pace of the film but also the content. (



Year 2022
Genre Feature film (ARD)
Production Bavaria Fiction
Directed by Sven Halfar
In collaboration with Christian Biegai
Award: German Academy for Television - Nomination in the category Music
Vocals Eva Jagun |