Bloody Beginners

The first note of the title melody of "Bloody Beginners" begins not with a kettledrum but with a thunderous chime of bells, which was recorded especially for the series in the red tower in Halle and became the musical DNA of the soundtrack. Christian Biegai and Kerim König have developed a unique sound that creates an analog connection to Halle and at the same time has something independent to set it apart from other crime series.
Throughout the film music you can hear chimes in many variations, sometimes in edited form (upside down, flat, percussive) or as originally recorded. As a contrast to the sound of bells, they created a modern, driving sound for the young, motivated police high school students, which was mostly implemented electronically with synthesizers and drum machines. In addition to the episodic cases, "Bloody Beginners" also tells a horizontal story, from which the opportunity arose to develop various musical themes that recur throughout the season to describe the respective person or situation and keep the story together. A good example is the Golden Arch theme, which runs like a red thread through the series and reacts again and again to the horizontal narrative strand. The result is an individual world of sound that is tailored to the ZDF series and determines the typical "Bloody Beginner" sound.


Year 2020
Genre ZDF crime series 36 episodes
Production Studio TV.Film
Directors Gero Weinreuter, Oliver Liliensiek, Käthe Niemeyer
In collaboration with Christian Biegai