Tatort Münster - Rhythm and Love

A naked male corpse is found in a moorland. Thanks to Prof. Boerne's intuition, of all things, the identity of the young man is quickly clarified. It is Maik Koslowski: vegetable farmer, nude model and advocate of free love. During their investigations on the Erlenhof with its adjacent trailer park, Thiel and Boerne encounter chattering geese, curious alpacas and confusing relationships.

Initially overdrawn characters take on contour, the comic moments become downright uplifting and the music is exceptionally good. (Kino.de)


14.22 million viewers. Tatort from Münster sets new record since 2017. (ratings meter)


Year 2021
Genre Feature film (ARD)
Production Bavaria Fiction
Director Brigitte Maria Bertele
In collaboration with Christian Biegai