Ego Sum Alpha et Omega

Ego Sum comes out of nowhere, single-mindedly goes his way, loses his individuality, makes a career and crashes.

Quote from the jury statement
How do you get a family, a house, a car, a successful job? All this simply falls to the protagonist of this never boring film. The whole thing gains special charm from the fact that all this happens before our eyes. At the beginning of the film naked as once Adam, we experience, so to speak in fast motion of a day, the miraculous multiplication of the attributes of a successful man, who experiences his blue miracle at the end of his first day of creation. Is the man perhaps not entirely innocent of this in his constant upward striving? The film formulates this riddle in a comic animation that is concentrated on the essentials, graphically extremely successful and in effective black and white. Even small problems of continuity could in no way diminish the pleasure, but above all the sense of meaning of this production.


Year 2005
Jan-Peter Meier
Jan-Peter Meier
rating especially valuable