_in between (2018)

The images Kerim König paints, the material he weaves from piano, synthesizers, string arrangements, isolated voice snippets and sparse drum loops, are dense, warm, captivating, hardly trivial or clichéd. (PrettyInNoise)

Kerim König's second studio album _in between is about intermediate worlds. About the silence that arises between sounds, about the field of tension between acoustics and electronics, about genre boundaries between art music and the popular. König has created delicate, floating compositions for piano, string quintet, vocals and electronics, which were recorded at Teldex Studio Berlin.

Inspired by contemporary musicians like Ólafur Arnalds, Jóhann Jóhannsson or Max Richter, Kerim König weaves minimalist acoustics with electronic sounds - organic, sensual and intimate. He achieves this through unusual arrangements: the Oriel Quartet is joined by double bassist Jörg Potratz. The quintet creates broad, symphonic worlds of sound, to which pianist Mayuko Miyata adds delicate, clear melodies that lead through a landscape of acoustic and electronic sounds. Singer Teresa Bergman sets fine accents with isolated vocals. The result is an album full of space and expanse, compositions of great emotional immediacy and depth.