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RELEASE: 30.03.2018
EAN: 4 26031403833 5
Label/LC: Hey!classics (LC 29640)
Cat-No: HCL-17041
Playing time: 30:26

_in between

The second studio album "IN BETWEEN" by the Berlin composer Kerim König is about in-between worlds. About the silence that arises between sounds, about the field of tension between acoustics and electronics, about genre boundaries between art music and popular music. König has created delicate, floating compositions for piano, string quintet, vocals and electronics, which were recorded at Teldex Studio Berlin.

Inspired by contemporary musicians like Ólafur Arnalds, Jóhann Jóhannsson or Max Richter, Kerim König weaves minimalist acoustics with electronic sounds - organic, sensual and intimate. He achieves this through unusual arrangements: the Oriel Quartet is joined by double bassist Jörg Potratz. The quintet creates broad, symphonic worlds of sound, to which pianist Mayuko Miyata adds delicate, clear melodies that lead through a landscape of acoustic and electronic sounds. Singer Teresa Bergman sets fine accents with isolated vocals. The result is an album full of space and expanse, compositions of great emotional immediacy and depth.

The album will be released on March 30, 2018 on Hey!classics (Hey!blau Records).

In advance, the singles "reflections" (16.2.) and "quartessence" (2.3.2018) will be released. From 15.2.2018 the album will be available on the Music Promotion Network (MPN).

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Composer Kerim König lives in Berlin and composes since 2007 mainly for film and television. Among other things, he took part in the masterclass of the multiple award-winning film composer Alexandre Desplat (The Ghostwriter, Benjamin Button, The Queen), as well as in the orchestration course "The Art of Orchestration for Film and Television" by Scott Smalley (Batman, Mission Impossible, The Insider).

In his albums, Kerim König pursues musical ideas for which there is no room when composing for feature films. This is the second collaboration with the Berlin pianist Mayuko Miyata.

Discography / Solo Projects

_in between (album, Hey!classics, 2018)
mayuko miyata (piano), Oriel Quartet, Jörg Potratz (double bass),
Teresa Bergman (vocals), kerim könig (composer, electronics)

quartessence (single, Hey!classics, 2018)

waltzes (album, Hey!classics, 2015)
mayuko miyata (piano), kerim king (composer)

pressinfo english

With his second album "in between", berlin-based composer Kerim König sounds out the intermediate worlds of acoustic and electronic music, of silence and spaces. An organic, sensual and intimate work that brought together pianist Mayuko Miyata, Oriel Quartett, Jörg Potratz (doublebass), singer Teresa Bergman and Kerim König himself on electronics. The album will be released on march 29th 2018 via cologne based label Hey!blau Records.


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