Münster crime scene - MagicMom

The Influencer Evita Vogt, who had a huge fan base as "MagicMom", to whom she pretended to be a super mother, is found hanged in her luxurious house. It quickly becomes clear that she was already dead when she was hanged.

In the course of Commissioner Thiel's investigations, Sabine Hertweck comes under suspicion, also present on the net as an influencer ("BusyBine"). However, in order to reach the lucrative clientele of young mothers, she only faked her motherhood. She worked with lifelike dolls and was blackmailed by Evita Vogt, who found out about it. Since she had an alibi at the time of the crime, she was ruled out as the perpetrator. The suspicion of Vogt's follower, Jakub Schmidt ("LonesomeDad"), also falls due to an alibi. However, he gives the hint that Evita Vogt reported swelling on her neck in a video. Investigations in this regard reveal that Vogt suffocated due to laryngeal edema caused by C1 inhibitor deficiency.

Thus, the separated husband, Moritz Vogt, is convicted as the perpetrator. He secretly added estrogen preparations to his wife to trigger the laryngeal edema. He took the remedy from the smart-home refrigerator and was thus notified when Evita Vogt opened it. He wanted to be there to save her and thereby feel needed, but was too late.


Year 2023
Genre Feature film (ARD)
Production Bavaria Fiction
Director Michaela Kezele
In collaboration with Christian Biegai